Become a reliable and trusted printing company.


• Be the leading printing company in the world.
• Provide optimum support for customers.
• Achieve maximum result for the welfare of employee and share holder.
• Support graphic industry development.
• Continues improvement and integrated quality management.

About us.

Established in June 1988 and still standing, proofed that we are a strong company that can survive in any economical atmosphere. The experience has though us to be the expert in this business and has the ability to adopt. To be able to standup higher from the crowd we combine the expertise and the best equipment to meet premium customer services.

We offer sheet fed, web press, and digital printing solution thus we have many solutions to offer with fast and sharp image quality. Our board range of commercial printing services allow our clients to print the full spectrum of printed products form short run to long run.

To produce the best products we use the best equipment in each shop. We offer top to toe inlien finishing process to gives us the ability to add unique finishing touch and to make your product sharper looks and different from the others.

We have it all under one roof of 7.000 square meter land, we are specializing in printing books, label, hang tag, and promotional items. Currently we have capacity of 600.000 hard cover books per months and one million of soft cover books per month and it's just a start. With the ambition of continues improvement we will keep investing to increase the capacity, variety, and responds.

The more we invest the more we share as we believe in "Invest to Grow, Grow to Share." we commit to share value in relation to our stake holder, employee, customers, suppliers, and society.

Taking the advantage of information technology we use in-house developed shop floor management system to control our operation from order management, financial management, warehouse management, and production management thus gives us better control of the job planning and analysis to provide you the quality of products and time.

Perfect combination of your idea with our production capabilities, together we enter the market competition. Because of you, we are exist.

Value Propositions.

• Using best in class equipment and state of the art print shop, thus:

- We provide you quality of Products
- We provide you quality of Time
- We provide you flexibility in volume 1 pc or millions we value your order

• Using tailor made management software giving us advantage on good control, measure, analyze on every process, thus we can focus on cost leadership to stay below the market price.

• Commitment of service, we provide you dedicated designer to stay on your site for your convenience to transform your idea into marketing collateral that shine above others.

• Experience and well trained staff and management to handle your projects.